Wire Harness Manufacturing

Wire Harness Manufacturing

One of the essential reflections of the superior quality of the services and products offered by Rova is our wire harness manufacturing and cable harness manufacturing. With over 30 years of experience, Rova is a trusted name in creating custom wire harnesses according to individual customer needs. With experience comes versatility, and Rova provides wire harness manufacturing solutions for our partners in various industries, such as the industrial sectors, aerospace, utility, military, HVAC, and medical, among others.

Rova understands that premier-quality custom wire harness products are a critical part of safe and seamless electrical system installation and maintenance. Custom wire harnesses are required to organize large wire assemblies to ensure ease of installation and upkeep at a variety of scales. Neat and minimal configuration of a system of multiple wire products are key to reinforcing protections of an electrical systems, and is the best solution for continued safety.

At Rova, we know that your products are unique. To reflect these individual needs, all of the wire harness manufacturing products that are produced within the Rova facilities are customized to each client. With our level of experience-based skill, we at Rova recognize that attention to detail, and focus on the individual needs of a customer or design, are necessary in creating custom wire harness manufacturing projects. Our expert engineers work closely with each client to generate original ideas and efficient designs that result in quality and on time delivery. As well, throughout the custom wire harness manufacturing process, we are committed to providing first run samples to ensure that our products reflect all necessary specifications.

Your continued relationship with Rova Products is important to our business. Once production of your business’s custom wire harnessing product commences, our focus is geared towards superior efficiency, and performance quality. At Rova, we only use the highest-grade materials in our custom wire harness manufacturing projects. We bring forth vast experience with materials such as ROHS3, REACH COMPLIANCE, UL and others. To ensure the performance of your wire harnessing assemblies, we only utilize CSA approved wires and cable in our custom wire harness manufacturing products.

In creating custom products, Rova brings forth a variety of service capabilities. As one of the best equipped cable assembly manufacturers in Canada, Rova’s facilities host state of the art equipment, including: crimp centres that are capable of producing high volume discrete crimped wires, hydraulic crimpers for crimping terminals 1 gage and above, and hot stamping/ink jet printing for custom wire labelling.

As well as providing superior custom wire harness products, we understand that timeliness is an essential part of customer satisfaction. In order to guarantee our quality of fulfillment, our production and delivery punctuality is an important part of our continued business partnership with all of our individual clients.

All unique jobs for custom wire harness assembly require a standard of care, and in choosing Rova to undertake these manufacturing projects, we bring forth our 100% quality assurance. Contact us to learn how we can help you with your wire harness manufacturing needs.