Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers

With over 37 years of experience in telecommunication product distribution, Rova Products continues to be a leading telecommunications equipment supplier supporting a wide array of industries in Canada. We at Rova believe that our success stems from our ability to consistently evolve and adapt to telecommunication industry trends in order to better service our clients.

Today, the virtualization of workforces continues to be a dominant shift in most industries, affecting all aspects of how a business navigates communications between employees, and internal and external stakeholders. With the swift move to digital communications, a Unified Communications system persists as a critical tool for business organization. At Rova, we recognize the essential nature of clear communications in the continually digitizing world as a move towards the future of business sustainability and as a reflection of business professionalism. Bringing forth extensive experience with ever-changing telecom equipment, our expert product specialists at Rova Products are keenly aware of the support necessary to assist no matter the size of the challenge. The quality of both our telecom equipment and excellent customer service offered at Rova are reflected by our vast network of partners that are distinctive leaders in various industries, who help make Rova a leading telecommunication industry supplier, as well as showcasing the versatility of the services that Rova Products provides.

With clients that include notable telecommunications equipment manufacturers such as Polycom, Jabra, Cisco and Logitech, Rova Products innately understands the necessity of high-quality telecommunication products to optimize all elements of business. We at Rova believe that employee efficiency in the digital age begins with excellent telecommunication. From headsets to desk phones, small conference rooms to integrated AV systems, Rova knows that selecting the best telecommunications equipment is essential for communicating with internal and external stakeholders. Contact us today to learn more about the right telecom equipment for your company.