Serving Essential Industries with High Quality Assemblies


We understand that most of our assemblies go into critical infrastructure; therefore, we approach all projects with the highest level of skill and discipline.


The drive to build renewable energy infrastructure is leading the growth in this industry. Our responsiveness in addressing the requirements for this sector attracts these customers to Rova.


Automation and robotics are the future of this segment. Our engineering expertise helps customers effectively solve new design challenges.


Through virtualization in the security industry, the access points become more challenging. We have been working with our customers to ensure that our assemblies meet the technical requirements caused by this change.


The digitization of the transportation industry has resulted in the revamping of the framework that supports the industry. Our years of experience in the transportation sector gives us insight to help customers stay ahead of the industry’s changing requirements.


Blockchain and cloud computing are becoming the norm in the medical industry. We are addressing this growing trend with our fiber optics division.


Failure is not an option in the nuclear energy segment. Our longstanding customers put their trust in Rova because we never compromise on quality.


The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning are bringing robotics forward at a great pace. Our cable assemblies are integral components t in the robotics industry.

Data & Communication

The massive investment in the data and communication industries is developing infrastructure at a rapid pace. With our 30 plus years of experience in this industry, we are equipped to retrofit old technology and design for new technology.


Advancements in the building, repair and maintenance of aircraft require manufacturers to have a reliable partner that can adapt to changes in a timely manner. Our responsiveness makes Rova a long-standing partner to many manufacturers in this evolving industry.


This industry is experiencing rapid change caused by developments in the electric vehicle and smart cities markets. a. Our years of experience with large customers and projects in this industry help us stand out from our competitors.

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