Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies to Meet Emerging Technology Needs

Fiber Optics Engineering – Design/Support

One of the most important elements of emerging technological developments is the consolidation of various devices to share information and communication with one another. Fibre optics products are an essential element of the infrastructure to support this consistent growth that includes cellular data centres, and server/communication rooms within the trajectory of the evolution of technology. When adapting to current industry trends, and predicting digital growth, Rova Custom Cable understands there is a need for customization according to individual industry and business needs. Our fibre optics department is capable of supporting the continued move towards the usage of fibre optics products.

Fibre Optic Cable Assembly Capabilities

At the Rova Products production facilities, we have the necessary tools to support fibre optic cable assembly projects in a variety of infrastructure designs and builds. At Rova, we work alongside our clients to design and build custom fibre optic cable assemblies with the same level of duty care and focus as all other aspects of our business. On site, we maintain a separate clean room for our fibre optics products, where we house an acrylic vacuum chamber, polishing machine, connector holder, sc/apc connector holder, pc connector holder, lc/apc connector holder, bench Fiber microscopes, as well as many other tools and materials to accommodate any custom fibre optics needs. Our custom fibre optics product capabilities are reflected by the trust placed in Rova Products by a variety of industries, including our partners in telecommunications, aerospace, industrial, radiation technologies, and military sectors.

Throughout the variety of industries we serve, many of Rova’s valued customer base seek out Rova’s services for custom length fibre optic patch cords. In addition to our custom fibre capabilities, we are able to design and build sought after fibre optic patch cords at customizable lengths using a wide range of connectors.

Many of our satisfied customers continue business relationships with Rova, and we offer Kanban services to clients who seek a regular supply of custom length fiber optic patch cords. Our quality is exemplified by these sustained connections with our industry partners, as well as our 100% quality assurance.

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