Leading the Market in Custom Cable Assembly and Manufacturing

Custom Cable Assembly / Custom Panel Wiring

With many years of experience in custom cable assembly, Rova Custom Cable has accumulated superior equipment, tooling, and knowledge to become a leader in the cable assembly industry.

Each cable assembly project that we undertake at Rova Products is unique, from product specifications to design. We pride ourselves on treating each quote that we provide, small or large quantity, with a consistent level of customer care. In creating our products, we work alongside our clients in generating unique ideas that are formed to individual product requirements.

Quality is First At Our Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer Company

At Rova, our engineers support our clients from the project’s start to finish. In manufacturing completely custom cable products, all of our projects are received with an attention to design and a high-quality fabrication process. Over the course of the project, we are committed to producing “first run” samples in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. As our manufacturing facilities are located on site, at Rova, we are able to monitor production of custom cable projects throughout the entire duration of production. Our attention to detail is evident through our process. At the completion of each custom cable project, no single wire leaves our facility uninspected.

We are committed to continuously modify and improve our facilities, products, and equipment to ensure that our customers return to Rova for all their custom cable needs. Rova’s commitment to quality and keeping up with industry trends is reflected by Rova’s ongoing partnership with the industries that our business serves, such as: industrial, medical, oil and gas, aerospace, consumer, HVAC, Transportation, and Nuclear services.

Cable Assembly Services That We Offer

We offer our customers off-the-shelf stocking components, cables and wires in tandem with our primary focus, which is efficient custom cable assembly. We are able to offer cable assemblies such as: electro-mechanical assembly, box builds, wire harnessing, wire marking, wire processing and lead making, over braiding, D-sub miniatures, ribbon cables, battery cables, coaxial cables, control cables, power cables, signa cables, multi-conductor cables, shielded cable, control pigtails, interconnections, breakout boxes, interface boxes, interface wiring, control panel wire/manufacturing, as well as our other custom cable capabilities.

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