At Rova Products Canada we believe that quality is the heart of our operations and for that reason both of our Canadian and off shore facilities have developed and implemented an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System. Customer Focus, People Involvement, Process Approach and Continual Improvement are the Quality Management principles that we focus on.

The majority of our customers as well as our suppliers have a quality management system certification and this gives us the capability of a better mutual understanding when it comes to quality.

Our customers not only drive our business, but also help improve our product quality level. We serve a wide variety of industries including:
Data & Communications, Point of Sale, Industrial Control, Robotics, Medical, Nuclear and Aerospace; All of which have different quality requirements and play a key role in training and driving us in the area of continual improvement.

At Rova we are proud to be a learning organization that is continually being taught by customers, employees and suppliers. The scope of our Quality System Registration is “Manufacture and Distribution of Custom Cables, Data and Communication Products”. To have a copy of our ISO 9001:2015 certificate for Supplier Evaluation purposes please click here.

Quality Policy

At Rova Products Canada Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of custom cables, data and
communication products, we will achieve customer satisfaction by:

  • Making commitments we fully understand and plan to meet
  • Improving our products, processes and services
  • Building a mutually profitable long term relationship with our customers and suppliers