Our solution-oriented one-stop shop is designed to encompass all of your cabling needs. You can be assured that our products meet the highest standards of quality, as our custom cabling services have been used internationally by leaders across a multitude of industries including telecommunications, aerospace, transportation, military, utilities and industrial.


 Wire Harness Manufacturing – Box Build/Panel Assemblies

We provide wire harnesses and are able to produce a complete box build as part of our commitment to providing all-encompassing solutions and making your process as straight-forward as possible.


Fibre Optics

Our boutique-style fibre optics patch cables are available at whichever stage of production is right for you. We specialize in custom assembly, custom length, pre-stripped cables, however, we also provide the option to purchase standard length cables or to buy large lengths of uncut, raw cable.


Custom Molded Assemblies

Our commitment to boutique-style cabling and providing you with solutions means that we’re able to mould any connector – from a MIL Spec to any custom connector, you may need – through our in-house, custom moulding operation.


Turnkey Services – Value Added Services

Any combination of our custom cabling products is available in large-quantity orders through our turnkey distribution service. This is an all-encompassing option perfect for returning buyers or buyers who are seeking complete products and services ready for immediate use, no matter the scale, length, or complexity of a project.


Engineering – Design/Support

With decades of experience in the field, we have the expertise necessary to guide and support engineers. We take pride in having a unique business model that allows us to act as your practical support: assembling and building prototypes, as well as providing professional insight into refining and developing innovative engineering solutions. As a result of our engineering expertise, our production process has a high degree of certainty and efficiency from concept to production.


Product Range

 At Rova Products we have the experience and expertise to manufacture almost any type of your Custom Cable Assemblies including:

  • Multi-conductor, Flat ribbon and Co-axial Cables
  • PVC overmolded
  • Harnesses
  • Custom panel wiring

We approach every custom cable assembly from the simplest to the most complex with the proper level of quality.




 The experience of serving a wide variety of industries like Data & Communications, Point of Sale, Industrial Control, Robotics, Medical, Nuclear and Aerospace that have a different level of requirements, gives us the ability to understand and meet your needs and expectations

 Price and Delivery Competitiveness

 Our local manufacturing facility with our trained staff is here to look after your immediate and urgent needs. With our large inventory of cable, wire and connectors we can provide you with an unparalleled service level and quick turnarounds.

 Our offshore manufacturing facility with a wide range of equipment as well as a highly trained and experienced staff is your best choice for high volume products at competitive prices.


 Regardless of what your focus is, price, quality, turnaround or a combination of all, we have the flexibility to provide options to meet your objectives.

Rova is also committed to investing in the latest manufacturing technology in an effort to keep pace with the changing requirements of our customers.


Product Realization

 Rova will work from your samples, sketches, and ideas to provide effective solutions for your cabling & harnessing needs. When possible we will provide you with no charge samples. With our extensive knowledge of the connector and cable industries, we will also propose alternate cost-effective solutions.