Custom Cable Overmolding

Cable Overmolding

At Rova, the versatility of our business capabilities extends to our Custom Cable Overmolding services. In addition to high quality cable overmolding, our expansive production offerings are able to accommodate a variety of our clients’ cable Overmolding products as custom projects. At Rova, both our customer service representatives and production facilities are able to offer our clients an enhanced and unique service with our Custom Cable Overmolding Services.

Why Opt For Custom Cable Overmolding? 

There are many benefits in opting for a custom cable overmolding service. With custom cable overmolding, a client gains: rugged protection or added durability of cable and/or connectors, more precise covers, low manual labour or cost savings and enhanced design flexibility and capability.

Most custom cable assembly manufacturers choose to outsource their Custom Cable Overmolding offerings. Without direct control of their manufacturing process, outsourcing Custom Cable Overmolding elongates the duration of cable overmolding projects, and increases the cost of labour and materials of cable overmolding products. At Rova, we generate our production of Custom Cable Overmolding on site. Through direct supervision of our Custom Cable Overmolding, we are able to eliminate excess costs, and unexpected production extensions. At the Rova facilities, we host equipment and machinery, including a Low Pressure Overmolding Machine, that are able to handle products of any size. We value our clients’ trust, and pay special attention to our Custom Cable Overmolding production through our involved manufacturing process. We oversee the entire Custom Cable Overmolding projects from start to finish, making Rova a leader in both Custom Cable Overmolding production and distribution.

In choosing Rova to facilitate your Custom Cable Overmolding project, you are choosing superior quality, timeliness and excellent customer service. Our Overmolding capabilities are reflected by the variety of industries we serve, including: Medical, Military, Aerospace, Satellite, Rugged Environments, and Industrial services. Let us help you with your Custom Cable Overmolding project. Contact us today.