When a Standard Cable Won’t Work, a Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer Can Do the Job

Why Turn to a Custom Cable Manufacturer?

In the ever-changing digital world, there is one thing that stays the same: wire, cable or fibre can be found in every single device and within their power sources. If wire, cable and fibre is so essential to the creation of electronic products, why can’t a company create their own custom cable or use a generic product? Why do companies choose to outsource their custom projects?

This is where customers turn to Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers, and where Rova Products can answer these common questions. In order to suit custom characteristics, Rova’s facilities are fully equipped for custom cable assemblies.

Our proof of excellence and versatility is evident in the wide range of industries that Rova serves. Rova’s customers build everything from rugged equipment to satellites. Our customer’s products tend to be highly technical, designed from spec and produced in small volumes. The products that use our wires and cables to bring their machinery to life are required to be dependable, and must be constructed with a high degree of expertise. Due to our diverse customer base, Rova individualizes every project to suit each client’s needs.

Quality Guarantee

At Rova, our Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing prioritizes processual excellence from design to assembly, resulting in the standard of 100% quality in the final product. Turning over the best product possible to our valued customers is uncompromisable, evident in our extended inspection of every single wire and component used on every custom assembly after the construction is completed.

Our certifications are more than just a label. We have designed our Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing process to strictly follow standard certifications, including: ISO 9001, CSL, UL, IPC and MPC.

Therefore, Rova’s answer to why customers choose Custom Cable Assembly manufacturers in Ontario or Canada is superior quality, from construction to communication.

Delivery Guarantee

Since many of our customers produce critical products with specific functional requirements, they rely on Rova so that their own production can run smoothly. Rova is able to meet these high standards through timeliness in producing custom products and in delivery.

Our delivery guarantee starts with our strong sourcing capabilities. Many Custom Cable Assemblies require highly technical and rare components on a tight timeline. Our sourcing team is able to source these materials without compromising timeliness through our vast vendor network and in house inventory. At Rova, we are able to source materials from a network of over 500 vendors, onshore and offshore, and from our active and growing inventory of over 7,000 unique parts. Rova’s sourcing capabilities make our business one of the most reliable Cable Assembly Manufacturers in Ontario. Which answer the second point about why customers choose Custom Assembly Manufacturers in Ontario. Our customers’ requirements are highly technical with often contain rare or unique components making it very difficult to source on a timely basis.

Cable and Connector Specialization

Another factor that influences a customer to opt for a Custom Cable Manufacturer in Ontario is based on the complexity of an individual assembly project. Custom cables can contain up to 200 individual parts or assemblies, depending on the detail-level of concepts and prototypes. We at Rova pride ourselves on effectively realizing these complex projects from design drawings to completion, and timely delivery. We work closely with our clients every step of the Custom Cable Assembly process and make ourselves available to problem-solve and make modifications to prototypes.

Rova is well trusted by our valued customers due to our ability to bring complex cable designs into reality as a feasible, functional product. The technical nature of assemblies requires high levels of engineering expertise and are often difficult to produce unless an expert is involved. At Rova, we address each customer’s unique requirements through our engineering experience as well as a wide assortment of tooling and equipment capabilities. Our highly trained assembly team has earned our reputation as being one of the best cable assembly specialists in Ontario as well as Canada.


Size is a key factor in determining whether a Custom Cable Manufacturer is necessary. Rova’s facilities are equipped for any size project, from high volumes to one offs, with the same attention to detail and quality.

Custom Cable Assembly Solutions from Rova

Our services extend far beyond production. Rova’s capabilities include Kanban services, breadbin services, warehousing and kitting. Our customers choose Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing for unique projects, and choose Rova due to our quality guarantee, engineering expertise, strong sourcing capabilities, and our wide assortment of tooling and equipment. Whether it be an ongoing, high volume assembly, or one-off project, Rova is able to serve projects of all sizes with consistent quality.

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