Rova Products Adds New Custom Cable Stripping & Cutting Technology

Christmas came early at Rova Products last week. On Thursday, Harry Coates and the team from Schlueniger Canada arrived to install the latest addition to our wire cutting floor, the Powerstrip 9580. The 9580 is the latest and greatest in stripping and cutting technology and is our 5th Cut and Strip machine at Rova.

There are three main features to this new machine that is putting smiles on our team’s faces:

1. The 9580 strips the outer jacket as well as the inner conductor. This will help our productivity and save us thousands of labour hours. Prior to the arrival of the 9580 we were stripping the inner conductors by hand.

2. We have accessorized our new machine with an ink jet printer. The 9580 allows for continuous printing of wires with an inkjet. In the past, the printing was done with a stamper which was a slower application and caused wastage. An inkjet allows for continuous printing as wires are cut and stripped continuously, resulting in little to no wastage and efficient smooth output.

3. Finally, the 9580 has a wider range versus our older cutting and stripping machines. We can now cut and strip wires ranging from 22 AWG (American Wire Gauge) up to 2 AWG. This added capability gives Rova Products a further lead in the Custom Cable Assembly marketplace on Canada and Ontario.

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