A Guide to Wire Harness Manufacturing Process

There are many different aspects of our business at Rova Products, and our comfort is based in variety and difference. One of the many facets of our operations is our custom cable manufacturing. On any given day at the Rova Products facilities, we are manufacturing up to 100 different types of cable assemblies, including complex wire harnesses. Along with our pride in the diversity of our offerings, we strive to preserve our quality guarantee. A single wire harness can contain up to 200 different components, and each work order from our different clients is a unique work order. To live up to our motto: “Do it Right the First Time,” we spend time on production standardization, and a disproportionate weighting on design.

This is a breakdown of our Wire Harness Manufacturing Process, from start to finish. We at Rova aim to provide clarity in communication for our trusted customers. When working with Rova, we strive for transparency in process, to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Step 1: Customer Collaboration and Engineering and Sign Off

At the conception of each wire harnessing manufacturing project, we begin with open and active consultation alongside our clients. During initial meetings, it is critical to understanding business needs and the application of the individual wire harness project. After we establish working relationships, we spend time working on design.

During the design phase, we work alongside our clients, their engineering team, or through our own team to create and draft a schematic of the wire harness project. When these drawings are completed, they are reviewed by our customer, and sent for sign off. At Rova, in order to “Do it Right the First Time,” our designs undergo many reviews, iterations, and alterations prior to their final sign off. By the end of the design phase, which can sometimes take weeks, we ensure our customer is satisfied with the wire harness.

Meanwhile, during the lengthy design phase, our procurement team works to source the best quality components and suitable wires for the wire harness manufacturing job. Though quality is our first priority, our procurement team is able to provide options. By sourcing through at least two manufacturers and distributors, we at Rova make sure that quality, price point, and availability factor into material selection.

By client signoff, we make clear our promise on every complex Wire Harness Assembly: guaranteeing quality, timely delivery and optimal price points.

Step 2: Prototype

Before producing our intricate and comprehensive designs, Rova produces first-off prototypes for all of our wire harness projects. This prototype process affords us the opportunity to perfect the assembly and ensure that all components of each wire project are in line with optimal performance and quality expectations.

Our prototype process includes an extensive quality inspection and sign off before being sent to the customer for inspection. When the client receives their wire harnessing prototype, they are free to conduct a detailed inspection that may include modifications and improvement before signing off on the final design.

Step 3: Sourcing

After the prototype is inspected, a customer then sends a Purchase Order for their wire harnessing that specifies quantity and delivery dates. Once we receive this purchase order, our procurement team begins to source wire and components from our database of over 500 individual vendors.

Across the industry, we at Rova are known for our sourcing expertise. With our vast database of vendors, our detail oriented procurement team is capable of sourcing the highest quality materials at the best price point for each individual wire harnessing manufacturing project.

As well, our excellent sourcing is a key to timely delivery. In addition to our connections with a variety of vendors, on site, Rova maintains an extensive inventory of over 7,000 items, including wire and components. This inventory allows our procurement team to quickly evaluate and react to short lead times.

Step 4: Scheduling

Once our procurement team has sourced project materials, we schedule production at the Rova facilities. On site, Rova produces over 50 different types of assemblies per day, including wire harnessing, cable assemblies, fiber optics, patch cords and power cords. With our diverse range of production, organization is essential to scheduling wire harnessing projects.

During the scheduling phase, we schedule production with care and consideration for delivery requirements. Your wire harness is just a small part of a larger manufactured product, and we are keenly aware of the importance of deadlines.

After scheduling, we move forward with production.

Step 5: Equipment—Cutting, Stripping and Labeling

The first step of the wire harness manufacturing process is cutting, stripping, and labelling wire. At Rova, we maintain a wide range of machinery and equipment to fully automate this initial and integral part of the wire harness production process.

The latest addition to our extensive equipment inventory is the Schleuniger powerstrip-9580, a state of the art cut and strip machine.

Step 6: Kitting

Once wires are stripped and cut to specifications, the wires are kitted with all the necessary components for the wire harness.

Step 7: Assembly

The kitted wire is then sent to our expert assembly team, who utilize both customer drawings as well as learnings from the initial prototyping process to conduct the assembly of the completed wire harness.

Assembly is the most labour intensive portion of the wire harness production process, and our experienced assembly team uses their skilled eye to “Do it Right the First Time.”

Assembly requires space and time. A wire harness can take several days to produce based on the complexity of the project, and quantity of components, which can number well into the hundreds. At the Rova production facilities, we designate clean space to assemblers to ensure that they can keep an eye on detail.

Step 8: Quality Control

After assembly, we initiate our lengthy quality control process. Quality control checks, each complete wire harness and inspects for measurement, type of wire, type of connectors and connectivity/functionality.

Every wire harness that is produced in the Rova facilities undergoes a manual detailed quality inspection process by our quality control team. Through these inspections, we guarantee that each wire harness maintains consistent quality.

Step 9: Shipping

Finally, after the quality control team signs off, the wire harness is packaged and shipped to the customer.

At Rova, we value your business, and commit to personally delivering complex and large wire harnesses to certify safe and timely delivery. For more information about the wire harness manufacturing process, contact us today.

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