Finding the Right Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer for Your Needs

Custom cable assembly requires skill and precision given very specific applications that the finished product must support. In selecting a cable assembly manufacturer, there are a number of factors that must be considered. Most cable assemblies must have long term viability and may be placed under tremendous stress by active machinery as well as natural weather elements. So, it is one thing putting it together, but quality, scope, and durability are business imperatives.

How to Select a Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Let’s briefly take a look at some of the factors that you should consider when selecting a custom cable assembly manufacturer in Ontario.

1. Cable Supply Source – Supply chain issues have hobbled many industries and accessing custom cabling is no exception. This has been particularly true for offshore sourcing. Ensure that your supplier has fluid channels to access needed parts including materials such as jacketing and key components, including shielding materials, and different types of connectors.

2. Proximity and Efficiency – Suppliers, especially ones that have a local presence, can seamlessly engage with you to accurately assess your needs while keeping you in the loop on progress and timelines. If possible, go and meet with them and check out their manufacturing and assembly operations.

3. Knowledge and Reliability – Meeting with a cable manufacturer’s engineers will provide you with peace of mind. If they understand how everything fits together, they can better respond to your specific cable assembly needs. They also need to be able to effectively work with your product development team to ensure design and functionality requirements are not overlooked. This also gives you an opportunity to assess their knowledge and their manufacturing process, which is key, especially if your product needs to be reliably produced in large quantities over time. Once the experts understand a client’s specific requirements, the process takes over and reliability and quality remain consistent over the life of the client’s product.

4. Industry Experience and Expertise – Wiring and cable assembly is not a one size fits all process. That’s why designing and customizing cables require expertise and experience. If your cable manufacturer understands the industry in which the cable will support, they can design better and more quickly. They will also likely appreciate the context in which the cable must operate. Look for a company that can also show you what they have done with other clients. Also be certain that the custom cable assembly manufacturer you select has the appropriate certifications including UL, ISO9001, and CSA.

5. Quality, Prototyping and Testing – Quality assurance is critical when it comes to custom cable assembly. Can the cable endure harsh weather or environmental conditions? Your cable assembly partner will perform testing to ensure performance. You may be looking for a new partner because your previous supplier has provided degraded cabling, or it may be net new. Either way, the custom cable assembly manufacturer you choose must follow a rigorous process that includes designing, manufacturing, prototyping, and testing. You need it to be done right.

Choosing the right custom cable assembly manufacturing partner takes a little more research than some more common service requirements which may be more alike. Cable assembly may seem unimportant when assessing the scope of your project; however, it is critical to its functioning and avoiding downtime is business critical in an increasingly competitive market.

Rova Products: The Smart Choice When Having Supply Chain Challenges

Supply chain challenges have created new problems for almost every industry. A custom build trailer company that hauls logs of various lengths for the lumber industry, relies heavily on harnesses, which have been a standard stock part carried by most US distributors.

In early 2022, electrical components and assemblies were in short order as many customers encountered major sourcing challenges. As a result, the trailer company was unable to source a critical harness for the manufacturer of their trailers. This was a significant challenge as, although a harness is a small piece and part of a trailer, without this harness, they could not complete production of a single trailer. One harness effectively shut down an entire production facility.

Through one of their existing vendor partners, the trailer company found Rova Products. Our challenge was to replicate the off-the-shelf harness in a timely manner so that our customer would not see a significant delay in their production. Our process was simple: we asked for an engineer drawing as well as a physical sample.

In the span of one week, Rova reverse engineered the physical sample, compiled a bill of material, and then sourced components and wire to build a completed harness. We describe these steps as product realization. We then produced a prototype or a “one off” and sent it to the customer for approval. The customer approved the sample and within the span of three weeks, Rova manufactured the harnesses to be shipped.

Our sourcing capabilities, along with our engineering strength, made Rova Products an excellent choice, allowing the trailer company to continue to operate.

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