Custom Cable Overmolding Can Perfectly Meet the Requirements of Your Application

About three years ago, a customer approached Rova Products to Overmold a custom cable. This request was unusual, as generally, Custom Cable Overmolding is not often offered by Custom Cable Assembly providers, as many Custom Cable Businesses do not have the necessary equipment on site to provide this service.

After reviewing the customer’s project specifics, it became apparent that creating a Custom Cable Overmolding was the only process that would meet this customer’s project parameters and goals. At Rova, the cable that we were manufacturing for this customer’s project was intended for military application, and therefore, the connectors needed to have a rugged and durable cover.

Some time later, after a fair amount of searching, we found a supplier 3,500 kilometres away that was able to Overmold this type of wire. After we completed the Custom Cable Assembly for this project, we sent the completed Cable Assembly to their facility to be Overmolding.

Outsourcing this service proved expensive. As it turned out, the cost of shipping alone was more expensive than the actual Overmolding service.

Creating Our Own Custom Overmolding Solutions

Learning from our challenges, Rova determined that the best option moving forward was to purchase our own Overmolding equipment. Through developing our Overmolding capabilities, Rova became the exclusive vendor for Custom Cable Overmolding services in Ontario and across Canada.

Overmolding is a process in which two materials are used to make one item. To Overmold wires, we utilize a process that wields low pressure injection moulding using a Polyamide material or Nylon. In the case of Custom Cable Overmolding, the Nylon Overmolded material is used to protect connectors as illustrated in the image below:

There are many benefits to selecting a Custom Cable Overmolding for your Custom Cable Assembly, including:
  • Custom shapes and design
  • Extreme durability, which provides weather-proofing, rugged protection and safety/security protection
  • Custom colour
  • Lower cost application, as there is limited labour
Many customers choose Rova to provide this very specialized service to assist them with products that are used in outdoor and harsh climates or military and rugged applications.

Get Custom Cable Overmolding Services in Ontario & Across Canada

At the Rova facilities, our vast assortment of tooling and equipment allows us to produce custom cable overmolding for large and small jobs alike. As always, in creating custom cable overmolding products, our focus on detail ensures the highest quality products, delivered on each job. Contact us for a quote today.

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