Applications for Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

Did you know that it takes just over 8 minutes for the sun’s light to hit earth? When it comes to data communication, light is the most efficient and fastest delivery system far out pacing Superman, who we imagined travelling at the speed of sound.

Back on earth, light, more specifically in the form of fibre optics cables and assemblies, has become the de facto fastest and most secure way for many industries to carry and transmit data from one point to another. Human innovation continues to harness light through fibre optic cable assemblies with benefits to devices and applications across multiple industries.

fibre optic cables

Industries Transformed by Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

Fibre optic cables are used in a variety of applications, such as in medical equipment, internet, business networks, automotive, and defense operations.

Let’s look at how fibre optic cable assemblies have optimized and transformed some of these industries:


Health care priorities have never been more acute than in the current post pandemic environment. Medical diagnostic and treatment applications rely on fibre optics solutions, which outperform other methodologies and minimize side effects such as toxic radiation. Fibre optics are used in diagnostic and procedural instrumentation such as endoscopes, otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes and are used for research applications. Surgery and dentistry have also benefitted from the light source that optical fibres emit. By lighting up surgical areas and enhancing the scope of vision, these medical practitioners can reduce the number and depth of incisions.

Internet and TV

Many of us in North America have adopted changes in the delivery of our internet and TV service, which continues to transition to fibre optics from the traditional copper wire. The reason is performance related as fibre optics provides flexibility, is lightweight and can carry far more data in a shorter amount of time. High speed transmission and bandwidth also deliver better television service.

Business Computer Networks

The flow of data between large computer systems has been vastly improved thanks to fibre optics cable assemblies. Sharing files and boosting security can be enhanced by replacing traditional cables with fibre optic cables. Greater speed, performance, and accuracy in data flow between networks directly impact productivity and business success.


Vehicle performance, safety and construction have also benefitted by the integration of fibre optics. Car manufacturers can now use fibre optics for the lighting and communication systems within the vehicles. They take up less room within the mechanical structure, are less likely to cause signal leakage or deterioration, and therefore require less maintenance. For vehicle control, systems such as traction control and airbag deployment, fibre optics generate faster signals and quicker response times.

Defense Operations

Control systems are also critical to military operations, be they over land, underwater or in space. Mission control, weapons control, flight planning, data analysis fusion, and sensor data are highly data and speed dependant in order to successfully execute on geopolitical and defense strategies. Data transmission using fibre optics provides both speed and security enabling the army, navy, and aerospace operations to coordinate their efforts in times of need. Beneath the sea, fibre optics is used for hydrophones for seismic waves and SONAR, as wiring in submarines and for field networking. The field of operations extends to space where fibre optics is leveraged in satellite communication, remote sensing, high power laser systems, multispectral and hyperspectral imaging, optical data communication, lidar, atmospheric monitoring and analysis. The advantage is clearer uninterrupted communication, light weight implementation and cost effectiveness.

fibre optic cables

Rova Delivers Expertise in Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

Fibre optic cable assemblies have truly transformed communications across a wide range of industries making them more efficient and lightweight, more cost effective than traditional wiring, less susceptible to signal interference, delivering greater optimization of real estate over land, air, or sea, and with less negative impact in medical applications.

Rova Custom Cable is a leading custom cable assembly facility based in the Greater Toronto Area and serving North American and European markets. Working with you, Rova’s custom cable experts and fibre optics assembly specialists produce reliable and effective products, and Rova’s sourcing network and manufacturing capabilities are geared to provide you with a complete solution that will suit the specific needs of your business and industry. Contact us today to get your free quote.

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