Onshoring: A Solution for Meeting Labour and Supply Demands in the Machinery and Robotics Industry

A Solution for Meeting Labour and Supply Demands

In the wake of the pandemic of 2020, the landscape of manufacturing has been reshaped, prompting a re-evaluation of supply chain strategies. Within the ever-evolving business environment, onshoring has taken root as a compelling solution, an about-face from the global outsourcing trend which had previously been a competitive imperative.

Let’s explore the factors driving this shift and how onshoring is addressing labour challenges and supply chain resilience.

Why the Shift?
The manufacturing sector, driven by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and engineering firms, forms the backbone of industries that keep the world running. However, the past few years have been marked by significant disruptions, including supply chain delays exacerbated by the pandemic. Manufacturers grappled with overinvested inventories, leading to a slowdown in production cycles throughout late 2022 and much of 2023.

Now, as the dust settles and economies strive for recovery, a resurgence in demand has emerged. OEMs are returning to normalized production cycles, prompting a renewed need for components and supplies. Among the industries experiencing growth amidst this backdrop are energy and robotics. The global push for clean energy solutions and the imperative for automation following the vulnerabilities exposed by the pandemic have propelled investments in these sectors.


However, the path to meeting increased demand is fraught with challenges, chief among them being labour shortages. Even as we emerge from the pandemic’s shadow, the labour market has yet to fully normalize. Many manufacturers, especially those in the robotics sector, face the ongoing struggle of finding skilled workers to sustain production.

The reliance on labour-intensive processes, including cable assembly, has further compounded these challenges. In the aftermath of the pandemic, manufacturing firms sought to mitigate their dependency on human capital by turning to automation and robotics. However, transitioning to automated processes often entails the intricate assembly of wires and cables, a task previously handled by skilled employees.

Faced with the dilemma of scarce labour resources and the imperative to streamline production, manufacturers turned to outsourcing partners for cable assembly services. Yet, this solution proved to be a temporary fix rather than a sustainable strategy. The dependency on external suppliers introduced vulnerabilities in the supply chain, leaving manufacturers susceptible to disruptions and delays.

Enter Onshoring
Onshoring is the strategic repatriation of manufacturing processes to domestic shores. In response to the challenges posed by global supply chain disruptions, many OEMs are re-evaluating their sourcing strategies and embracing the benefits of local production. Onshoring not only reduces reliance on distant suppliers but also enhances supply chain resilience and responsiveness.

In the context of wires and cables for machinery and robotics, onshoring offers a compelling solution. By bringing cable assembly operations closer to home, manufacturers can gain greater control over production processes and quality assurance. Moreover, onshoring mitigates the risks associated with international logistics, ensuring timely delivery of critical components. For OEMs and engineering firms seeking to navigate labour challenges and fortify their supply chains, embracing local production is key to long-term sustainability and growth.

The shift towards onshoring represents a paradigmatic change in manufacturing dynamics. By prioritizing domestic production of wires and cables for machinery and robotics, OEMs can bolster their resilience in the face of uncertainty. As industries adapt to the new normal, onshoring is fast becoming a strategic imperative, ensuring continuity and competitiveness in an ever-changing world.

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